Study: Number of LGBT+ discrimination charges high in states without protections

A new study of gender identity and sexual orientation-related discrimination charges conducted by found that Washington D.C., Georgia, and Mississippi ranked highest in charges filed.

There is little surprise in Georgia and Mississippi’s rankings, as they count among the 28 states with no laws prohibiting LGBT+ related employment discrimination, but Washington D.C. has both robust legal protections and a rich history of LGBT+ activism. In a similar vein, Montana and Rhode Island had no charges filed, thought they also lack legal protections.

This exploratory study deals only with discrimination that has been reported, and begs interesting questions about the interaction between state law and people’s propensity to report discrimination. The results require some interpretation, and as points out, “the sheer volume of these charges may indicate empowerment […] LGBTQ citizens are making use of valuable resources to assert their rights.”



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