Stonewall study shows one in eight LGB people are uncomfortable coming out to their superiors at work

Stonewall, the not-for-profit organization that campaigns for the equality of LGBT+ people across Britain, have published their 2017 Workplace Equality Index.

The survey finds that a significant percentage of LGBT+ people are wary of coming out to their managers and peers. Some findings include:

• 43% of trans people are uncomfortable disclosing their gender identity to their customers, clients, or service users
• Just 23% of bisexual staff say that they have bisexual role models at work, compared to 32% of trans employees who see trans role models, 53% of lesbians who see lesbian role models, and 63% of gay men who identify gay role models.

The 2017 Workplace Equality Index features responses from 92,000 people from 439 organizations, making it the survey with the largest number of respondents in its 12-year history, and one of the largest national employment surveys in Britain.

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