Some Indiana businesses wary of publicly backing nondiscrimination

A number of large employers in Indiana have been reluctant to publicly back LGBT nondiscrimination legislation.  While statewide and Indianapolis business interests have been vocal proponents of LGBT nondiscrimination, businesses and business organizations outside of the capital have been more reticent.

Many employers that provide workers with substantial protections have nonetheless been reluctant to take a public stance on the issue or lobby the state government.  Mark Millett, the CEO of Steel Dynamics, told The Journal Gazette that his business has a “very, very strong commitment to equality” and has taken specific steps to raise awareness about issues regarding sexual orientation and gender identity in the company.  However, the company only “quietly” opposed the controversial RFRA legislation that was passed earlier this year.

Some large employers in Indiana, including GM, Kroger, and Lincoln, are not headquartered in Indiana and have not lobbied the General Assembly to enact nondiscrimination protections. Representatives from the companies told the newspaper that they do not lobby legislatures in every state where they do business, but provided copies of their company nondiscrimination policies.

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