Return on Equality™

Out Leadership is launching the Return on Equality™ Summit to convene CEOs, industry leaders, and thought partners to address gaps in today’s ESG initiatives and create a roadmap forward for positive change.


We see tremendous opportunity to embed measurable LGBTQ+ inclusive DEI into every pillar of Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives. Through standardized DEI metrics, intersectional analysis, and the inclusion of LGBTQ+ equality within DEI initiatives, we hope to meaningfully expand and deepen the impact ESG can have on a company’s bottom line – and the world.

This year, we’ve convened top ESG industry leaders through our series of dinners and working group sessions. We can’t wait to launch these partnerships and thought leadership strategies at our ESG Return on Equality™ Summit in Fall 2023.

ESG is how companies MUST do business. Because equality drives business, and business drives equality.

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