Research demonstrates that discrimination prevents LGBT+ people from participating fully and openly in Indonesian economy

In “LGBT Exclusion in Indonesia and Its Economic Effects,” Researchers M.V. Lee Badget, Amira Hasenbush and Winston Ekaprasetia Luhur document the discrimination LGBT+ people in the country face, and estimate what that costs the Indonesian economy.

Badgett compares the Indonesian economy to that of India where similar research has been completed. “The data in Indonesia is somewhat limited,” Badgett said. “If we draw on research from India, we would estimate that the loss resulting from LGBT exclusion in Indonesia would be from 0.1 percent to 1.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), or $862 million to $12 billion.”

The report shows that public attitudes in Indonesia are far less accepting of homosexuality than attitudes in India, so this estimate of Indonesia’s estimated financial loss is considered conservative.

Read the Williams Institute’s report here.

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