Poll: Americans support marriage equality, nondiscrimination

Americans largely have positive feelings about same-sex marriage in wake of June’s Obergefell decision, according to a new poll from NBC News, Survey Monkey, and Esquire.  The survey, which focused on anger in the U.S., found that only 22% of respondents would be “very angry” or “somewhat angry” upon seeing a hypothetical headline reading, “More Than 100,000 Couples Have Wed Since Supreme Court Ruling.”

The poll also revealed a significant majority of people opposed county clerk Kim Davis’s decision to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs.  Only 24% supported her actions; a full 61% were opposed.

When asked to identify minority groups that ought to feel angry about how they are treated, 45% of respondents picked LGBT people.  Additionally, 41% were themselves angry about how LGBT people are treated.

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