Poland’s Supreme Court rules against print shop employee who refused to work for LGBT+ group

Poland’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling against a print shop employee who refused to print banners for the LGBT Business Forum.

The ruling specifies that employees cannot refuse to serve an individual on the basis of sexual orientation, race, or other demographic features, but also allows that service may be refused if the nature of the service violates the service provider’s “freedom of conscience.”

The European Union has recently warned that the growing influence of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has meaningfully weakened the country’s independent judiciary. Justice Minister and Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro, a member of Law and Justice, had brought the case to the Supreme Court.

The fact that the Supreme Court ruled against the government in this case could be taken as a positive sign for the future of the rule of law in Poland. But a new law taking effect this July could mean that the court may not be able to make rulings against the government’s positions in the future.

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