Point72 Asset Management joins Out Leadership

Out Leadership announced that Point72 Asset Management has joined as a member company for 2019, representing the organization’s continued expansion into the global private equity and alternative investments, financial services, advertising, and tech industries.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Point72 as a member company,” said Todd Sears, Founder and Principal, Out Leadership. “Our work is founded on a simple premise: LGBT+ inclusion is a business driver. We’re looking forward to working with the team at Point72 to continue to drive progress for LGBT+ people in the alternative investments space and around the world. ”

Steve Cohen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Point72, said: “We want all of our employees to be comfortable being who they are at work—it’s important for the well-being of each individual, and it leads to a more productive work environment. We are proud to partner with Out Leadership on our mission to recruit, retain, and develop LGBT talent at Point72.”

This year, Point72 introduced Affinity Groups with a vision towards professional development, business networking, and establishing an inclusive platform where voices can be heard and shared. The Firm’s Affinity Groups include Pride72, whose participants are helping to foster an inclusive workplace that represents the diverse perspectives of the LGBT community and its allies.

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