PGIM parent Prudential hosts Gender Continuum Symposium

Out Leadership occasionally highlights the efforts of our member companies to create innovative programming that drives LGBT+ equality forward within their organizations.

In May, PGIM’s parent, Prudential, along with its internal PRIDE network group, convened the “Gender Continuum Symposium.” The Symposium presented an opportunity for executive leaders and employees to learn about and engage in dialogue around non-binary conceptions of gender. Gender non-conforming and transgender Prudential employees were important participants in the discussion.

Dr. Shirley Cresci, Director, Health & Wellness, asked participants to engage with conceptual conversations around the nature of gender: what is it, exactly? How is gender determined? How are sex and gender different, and how do they relate? What about gender expression and sexual orientation?

The program included a panel discussion, moderated by Prudential’s Chief Diversity Officer, Michele Meyer-Shipp, which allowed Prudential employees of varying levels of seniority to discuss their gender expression journeys, both at work and in their lives.

Jesse Lueck, Senior Analyst, PGIM, underlined how their experience at work was enhanced – or even, made possible – by their manager’s thoughtful acceptance of their mode of dress:

Participants also discussed the challenges that people who are transitioning can encounter, both at home and in the world, and at work. Ashley Sarrantonio, Financial Advisor, Prudential, told her personal story of transition:

Participants received advice about what co-workers can do to be effective allies to people in their lives and on their teams who are transgender or gender non-conforming, as well as information about resources that Prudential makes available.

“One of the most important frontiers for the transgender community is employment – being hired and not being fired. What is a simple accomplishment for some qualified candidates and existing employees from various backgrounds can be difficult for those in my community,” says Maggie Stumpp, Senior Advisor, QMA, an equity and multi-asset class investment management firm and business of PGIM. “Unfortunately, by not including transgender people among their ranks and C-Suite leaders, many firms are missing opportunities to fully capitalize on a diverse set of abilities that can retain and gain new business. In contrast, Prudential Financial continues to expand support for the transgender community.”

Out Leadership is proud to highlight the important work Prudential is doing to foster inclusion for all.