Out Leadership’s Todd Sears writes: “LGBT+ Discrimination Is Bad for Society — and Bad for Business”

B the Change, the media platform for the B Corp community, has published an op-ed by Out Leadership’s Founder and Principal Todd Sears.

In it, Sears asks: “What would the world be like if every LGBT+ person could participate openly in the economy — as consumers and at work?”

He continues: “Despite great progress, this is still an enormously pressing issue. Remarkably, in the United States, 46 percent of LGBT+ people are still in the closet at work, and a shocking 72 percent In the U.S. alone, 43 percent of LGBT+ workers have been fired, harassed or denied promotions at work because of their sexual orientation. The annual cost of replacing employees who were fired or left because they were discriminated against at work has been estimated at more than $64 billion.

Closeted employees are forced to waste time and energy hiding their true identities at work, negatively impacting their productivity.
And these statistics are only exacerbated for employees who live in more prejudicial environments, including the 74 countries where being gay is illegal.
The global business community has long been more interested in finding the value locked behind closet doors than governments have been — and the intersection between the interests of business and the interests of LGBT+ people has long been fruitful for both parties.”

Read the entire piece at B the Change


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