Out Leadership issues statement on controversy surrounding fired employee of Hong Kong EOC

Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission, chaired by Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, pictured above speaking at Out on the Street: Asia 2014, has been ordered by a Hong Kong tribunal to pay HK$867,000, or approximately $113,000 US, to former employee Josiah Chok Kin-ming, who secretly campaigned among churchgoers to lobby against gay rights while he was in charge of the Commission’s review of anti-discrimination laws.

Out Leadership Principal Todd Sears commented on the situation to Gay Star Business:

“We’re disappointed at the Labour Tribunal’s decision. Dr Chow and the EOC do great work to improve Hong Kong’s image in the global business community, and this employee was fired for gross insubordination. He took a job with an organization dedicated to equality, but took action to further inequality and discrimination based on his own personal beliefs. The Tribunal has rewarded his duplicitous behavior, and that’s a decision no business would ever make.”