Out Leadership helps lead discussion on LGBT inclusion at Milken Global Conference

Out Leadership Founder & Principal Todd Sears spoke with Fusion about the business imperative for LGBT equality at the Milken Institute Global Conference on May 12.  This year for the first time LGBT business issues were discussed in depth on the main stage at Milken, and GLG and Out Leadership co-hosted a breakfast discussion dedicated specifically to the issue.

Sears said in the interview, embedded above, “I do believe that LGBT equality is a business issue first, driven by talent, and ultimately equality is the output.

When you can leverage the power of business to push back on LGBT inequality it makes a huge difference, it’s a different conversation.  It takes LGBT equality out of the realm of a social issue, or a religion issue, or a Western issue, and puts it squarely in the realm of business.  And when business says something matters, economies listen, countries listen, politicians listen.”

Watch the video on Fusion’s website


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