Out Leadership Expands “CEO Briefs,” Launches New Insights on LGBTQ+ Inclusion in 4 Additional Countries

Out Leadership, the oldest and largest coalition of global companies working to improve LGBTQ+ equality in the world, is delighted to announce four new Country CEO Briefs designed to help private- and public-sector leaders assess a country’s performance on LGBTQ+ inclusion. Today, Out Leadership, in collaboration with Macquarie APAC and Ropes & Gray, published CEO briefs for Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, bringing the total number of Country CEO Briefs to 25.

“The world’s smartest businesses evaluate markets and economies in terms of human capital,” said Todd Sears, Founder, and Principal, Out Leadership. “We created these reports to be used as a framework to help stakeholders properly weigh the economic impact of policies that are often thought of as primarily social or cultural – to see how harmful discrimination is to businesses and to talent, and how beneficial inclusive policies can be. We’ve seen the original 20 briefs deliver enormous value to business leaders around the world and are delighted that we have four new country reports available.”

Out Leadership originally launched its Country CEO Briefs in 2019 with the aim to provide both comparative and categorical assessments of a country’s performance on LGBTQ+ inclusion. They help equip business leaders and policymakers with a clear sense of the most impactful steps countries can take to make themselves more hospitable to forward-thinking, innovative, inclusive businesses, and help drive equality forward.

Eric Yaptangco, the division director at Macquarie who was responsible for initiating the creation of these new briefs, said, “We’re seeing consistent research demonstrating that companies, where LGBTQ+ people are supported, enjoy increased profitability and increased employee productivity. But the opposite is true, too. We know there are parts of the world where it is impossible to survive, let alone thrive, as an LGBTQ+ person. That’s why these briefs were designed to empower leaders to make smarter decisions that drive diversity and inclusion as a standard for financial gain.”

“The CEO Briefs go beyond the analysis of legal frameworks to measure the economic impact government policies and prevalent attitudes have on the LGBTQ+ people residing in that country,” said Sears. “These really are tools that help quantify the economic imperatives for inclusion and the costs of discrimination. We’re excited to be spearheading such an important initiative, and we’re confident these will be helpful resources in effecting change globally.”

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