Out Leadership Celebrates Launch of Brunswick Group’s Open For Business

Out Leadership wishes to congratulate Brunswick Group on the launch of Open For Business, a new coalition of global companies supporting LGBT inclusion, which was announced today with President Bill Clinton during The Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. The coalition includes Out Leadership members EY, MasterCard, McKinsey & Company, Standard Chartered, and Thomson Reuters alongside American Express, AT&T, Brunswick, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Linklaters, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Virgin Group.

As part of its launch, Open For Business has published a comprehensive report today, written by authors Jon Miller and Lucy Parker, which shows that successful businesses thrive in open, diverse and inclusive societies. The report, ‘Open For Business: the Economic and Business Case for LGB&T Inclusion,’ which draws in part on Out Leadership research and publications, presents the most substantial evidence-base to date on this subject, and is a welcome resource demonstrating the positive economic effects of LGBT inclusion. You can learn more about the coalition and download its report here.

“Out Leadership congratulates Open For Business on the occasion of its launch, as well as on its publication of its impressive and exhaustive review of the research demonstrating that forward-thinking companies and economies that welcome LGBT people are more dynamic, more responsive to customers, and ultimately more profitable,” said Todd Sears, Founder & Principal of Out Leadership. “We look forward to continuing to work in consultation and partnership with Open For Business as we further our mission to build global business opportunities by driving LGBT equality forward.”



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