On International Women’s Day, Celebrating the Women of Out Leadership

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my dearest gratitude to the many amazing women who have built Out Leadership over the years. While singling out these women for particular thanks, I’d also like to note that an incredible number of women have helped to lead our movement as speakers and participants at our Summits, as members of our global leadership committees, and as Out Leaders at our member companies – and today, as every day, we stand in solidarity with them!

Lia Parifax
Lia was the second employee of Out Leadership, at the very beginning of our journey. She brought amazing drive, dedication and energy to the organization, helping us grow globally both in reach and stature.

Joy Bunson
Joy brought her tremendous experience to Out Leadership to bear in the development of OutNEXT, helping us build the global summit into a destination for top emerging LGBT talent.

French Smith
French joined Out Leadership as a Fellow from a tremendous background including the UN and other global efforts, and was hired full-time to be the Manager of our Global Initiatives, where she currently oversees the content curation of our summits worldwide.

Lee Schreter
Lee is the Chairwoman of the Board of Littler Mendelson PC. She joined our Global Advisory Board in 2016 and has helped guide Out Leadership’s focus on the legal profession.

Stephanie Sandberg
Stephanie came to Out Leadership with many leadership credits to her name, from the Columbia Journalism Review, to the New Republic. At Out Leadership, she’s helped to built OutWOMEN into the first global leadership initiative for senior LGBT women in business.

Beth Brooke-Marciniak (pictured above)
Beth, the Global Vice Chair of EY, is one of the senior-most Out Women in Corporate America, leading public policy and business initiatives for EY around the world from Japan to Davos. Beth joined Out Leadership’s Global Advisory Board in 2015 and has been instrumental in the development of our CEO Briefs, our engagement with the World Economic Forum and has helped connect us to the most visible leaders in business.

Irene Dorner
Irene, formerly the CEO of HSBC US, now sits on a number of global boards, including AXA and Rolls Royce. But her first board after retiring from HSBC was to join Out Leadership’s Global Advisory Board. Irene has helped OL build its global advisory practice, as well as co-chairing our European summit with Ashley Steel.

Ashley Steel
Ashley Steel spent the bulk of her career in transportation advisory for KPMG, ultimately rising through the ranks to the role of Vice Chair for EMEA for the firm. Upon retiring, the first board she joined was Out Leadership’s Global Advisory Board, where she has been instrumental in connecting OL to key European leaders, regulators, and advising the organization on our growth strategy.

Katheleen Sebelius
Kathleen’s long career in public services stretches back through to her days in Kansas, working through the legislature through to being elected Governor. She then was appointed to President Obama’s cabinet where she led Health and Human Services, overseeing the launch of the Affordance Care Act. After speaking at our US Summit, Kathleen (who was introduced to OL through her son, Ned, another OL Ally) agreed to join OL’s Global Advisory Board, where she has advised us on government engagement as well as OL’s continued political strategy.

Bess Hepworth
Bess joined Out Leadership the moment she met Todd at the first Hong Kong summit, volunteering her services and passion to help build our social media strategy. Over the 3 years she worked for the company, her infectious energy helped connect OL to leaders for speakers, helped build the Asia summit and engagement, and ultimately helped launch OL in her home country of Australia for our Sydney summit.

Nina Link
Nina is officially a CEO mentor for OL member company Merryck, but over the 3 years she has worked with Todd, she has become a de facto member of the Out Leadership team, helping us grow, navigate business challenges, and ultimately become the successful organization we are today.