Ogilvy study demonstrates strength of consumer support for inclusive brands

A new survey released by Ogilvy finds that nearly half of Americans and 64% of LGBT+ allies say are more likely to spend money on brands that are LGBT+ inclusive.

One-third of respondents used advertising to gauge the inclusivity of a brand. Social media and the news were cited as consumers’ most-employed methods for discovering information about a given company’s stances on LGBT+ rights.

Still, a large majority of respondents say that advertising that represents LGBT+ people isn’t sufficient for them to think of a given company as inclusive. Consumers say they’re looking for companies to demonstrate that their teams and leadership are diverse. “These consumers are demanding authenticity from brands. They want brands to take action on some level. They want them to ‘walk the walk’ and follow through,” Bill Berman, Group director at Ogilvy and co-chair of Ogilvy PRIDE, told FORTUNE.

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