North Carolina repeals HB2, but few see improvement for LGBT+ people in its replacement

North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature has passed and Governor Roy Cooper has signed a law repealing HB2, the state’s anti-Trans “bathroom bill.” The state’s politicians hope the new law will calm the furor caused by HB2’s passage last year, although LGBT+ groups have strongly criticized the compromise.

The new law creates a moratorium that will prevent North Carolina municiipalities from passing nondsicrimination legislation through 2020, and gives the state’s General Assembly exclusive responsibility for regulating access to “multiple occupancy restrooms, showers or changing facilities.”

Cooper was elected by a slim majority in November on a promise to repeal HB2, but met with intransigence in the legislature, where one attempt to do so failed in January.

This week’s compromise follows the publication by the Associated Press of a forecast predicting that North Carolina would lose more than $3.7 billion in 12 years if HB2 stayed in place. Pressure from the NCAA – which had threatened to pull future championship tournaments, after it had already relocated a year’s worth of games – also probably played a part in the passage of the repeal.

The American Civil Liberties Union and Out Leadership partner Lambda Legal said that the repeal “keeps in place the most harmful parts of the law.”

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