New business coalition promoting nondiscrimination in Georgia

Georgia Prospers, “a partnership of business leaders committed to a prosperous Georgia that welcomes all people,” was launched earlier this month.  The group includes a number of major companies, including Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Delta Airlines, UPS, and SunTrust Bank.  

The group’s spokesman, Ronnie Chance, a former Republican Georgia State Senate Majority Leader, told Al Jazeera America that the coalition’s purpose is simply “to oppose discrimination of any kind.”   The group was launched a few days before State Legislature’s first day of session.  This year a RFRA will be considered by the Georgia State Senate.

According to a recent study from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, passing religious freedom legislation would cost the state upwards of $1 billion.  The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau predicted a similarly-negative economic impact.  While the new coalition has not taken an official position on the proposed RFRA, it pointedly stated that the state must be welcoming for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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