Mississippi governor signs nation’s most discriminatory anti-LGBT law

On Tuesday the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed legislation that has been described by The Washington Post as the nation’s “most sweeping” religious liberty law.  Bryant signed the bill into law despite opposition from a number of major employers in the state, including MGM Resorts International, Nissan North America, Toyota North America, and Tyson Foods.

The new law prevents state and local authorities from taking action against individuals, businesses, government employees, and religious organizations that refuse service to LGBT people on the basis of “religious beliefs” or “moral conviction” regarding same-sex marriage, trans people, or extramarital sex.

Just last week, the Governor of North Carolina signed narrower religious freedom legislation, inspiring widespread outcry. In the week since, over 120 corporations have signed a letter calling for the law’s repeal, and PayPal announced it was halting a planned multi-million dollar expansion to the state that would have created over 400 jobs.

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