Minnesota small business owners sue for the right to discriminate against LGBT+ couples

A Minnesota couple who own a video production business has filed a lawsuit asserting that the state law which prohibits their business from discriminating against gay couples violates their religious beliefs. Carl and Angel Larsen are being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative Christian legal advocacy group.

Their lawsuit seeks to invalidate Minnesota’s nondiscrimination law, which includes sexual orientation under its protected classes, on numerous grounds, including: the freedom of speech clause, the free exercise of religion clause, the due process clause, and the equal protection clause.

The suit alleges that being compelled to use their “media production and filmmaking talents to produce a video promoting or communicating the idea that marriage can exist between anyone but one man and one woman” would violate their “religious beliefs about marriage.”

Minnesota Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey says he believes the current law will prevail in court and “that sexual orientation will remain protected.”

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