McDonald’s Taiwan releases LGBT-inclusive ad

McDonald’s in Taiwan has released a new advertisement showing a man coming out as gay to his father at the restaurant. Since it was uploaded on Friday the video has been viewed almost 1.2 million times on YouTube.  An 2010 LGBT-themed ad that the company released in France also received widespread media attention.

The ad is one of the first directly aimed at the LGBT community in Asia. Brenda Kou, McDonald’s Head of Marketing in Taiwan, told Apple Daily that “the commercial’s intention was to show the spirit of communication and dialogue… [and] denote that different voices can be accepted in society.”  The ad was produced by Leo Burnett Taiwan.

The commercial has generated some controversy, and the group Taiwan Family has called on parents to boycott the restaurant. A spokesman from the group stated that they would “feel corrupted even using [McDonald’s] washroom.” Most reactions to the ad, however, have been positive.

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