London’s first professional networking forum for bisexuals launches

When London solicitor trainee Jonathan Andrews attended Clifford Chance’s LGBT Leaders conference earlier this year, he participated in a panel on bisexuality awareness and community, which addressed the dearth of groups that specifically focus on bisexual people. Inspired, he partnered with one of the panelists to create a committee to help raise awareness around bisexuality and people in the workplace.

According to Stonewall’s 2016 Workplace Equality Index only 12% of bisexual people are out at work, compared with 33% of gay men.

The network will launch on Thursday November 17 at Simmons & Simmons.  Lloyds CEO Inga Beale, one of the most high-profile bisexual executives in the world, will keynote.

Out Leadership congratulates member firms Clifford Chance and Simmons & Simmons on their important leadership.

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