LGBT+ YouTubers continue to face censorship on the platform

In 2017, when content creators called attention to what appeared to be platform-wide censorship of videos relating to LGBT+ issues, YouTube issued statements acknowledging that an “issue” had led to its system “unintentionally filtering content.”

Now, trans YouTubers are again reporting having their videos demonetized, age-restricted, and in some occasions removed altogether – seemingly based on the inclusion of the words “trans” or “transgender.”

In a separate but related issue, LGBT+ YouTubers are criticizing the company for serving ads from the anti-gay hate group Alliance Defending Freedom on their videos.

Responding to a reporter’s query, a YouTube spokesperson told The Verge that that usage of the words “trans” or “transgender” are not systematically demonetized: “We do not have a list of LGBTQ-related words that trigger demonetization, and we are constantly evaluating our systems to ensure they are enforcing our policies without any bias.”

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