LGBT people file employment discrimination claims at rates similar to other protected classes

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law has published a new analysis of complaints filed with state enforcement agencies conducted by Christy Mallory, senior counsel, and Brad Sears, executive director.

“The filing rates are similar for all types of discrimination studied,” the report details. “Across the 14 states that provided complaint data, on average, approximately four to five employment discrimination complaints are filed annually for each 10,000 women, people of color and LGBT people in the workforce, the researchers found. The findings refute the argument that discrimination against LGBT people does not occur often enough to establish a need for protective laws.”

“Because the LGBT population is relatively small, however, the raw number of sexual orientation and gender identity complaints filed is low,” Mallory said. “Therefore, passing non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT workers would not overwhelm state enforcement agencies and courts with complaints.”

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