LGBT+ nondiscrimination bill introduced in the Philippines

A member of the Philippine House of Representatives, Kaka Bag-ao, has introduced a bill that would ban LGBT+ discrimination in the country.  House Bill 51, or the Anti-Discrimination Act, would define and institute penalties for LGBT+ discrimination.

One supporter of the bill in the House, Rep. Teodoro Baguilat Jr., stated that, “this bill that seeks to protect not just LGBTs but also indigenous people, persons with disabilities, seniors and other disadvantaged sectors from discrimination in the workplace, school, media, government transactions and services among others.”

Though the LGBT+ community is relatively accepted in the Philippines, anti-LGBT+ prejudice in schools, government institutions, and the workplace is still somewhat common.  With this bill, Rep. Bag-ao seeks to allow the LGBT+ community to exercise the same rights as their fellow Filippinos and and make sure they are not “second class citizens.”

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