LGBT+ couple sues Amazon, alleging systemic harassment in Kentucky warehouse

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund will represent a Kentucky couple in their discrimination lawsuit against Amazon. 

Dane Lane & Allegra Schawe-Lane claim that they experienced systematic and sustained transphobic and sexual harassment while working in one of Amazon’s warehouses in Kentucky in 2014-2015. As part of the harassment, they allege that  a coworker cut the brake lines of their car in an attempt to kill them, 

They also allege that the harassment was tolerated and perpetrated by management, and that the company refused to investigate the car brakes incident.

Schawe-Lane told the Associated Press that she’d sought a job with Amazon in part because of the company’s reputation as LGBT-friendly. “I thought we would be safe and accepted,” she said in an interview. “Instead it was like a bad dream. Every day, I’d wish it was ‘Candid Camera’ and someone would pop out and say it was all a joke.”

Before the couple quit in 2015, they filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, which found that they had grounds to do so. 

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