LGBT+ advocates celebrate Hong Kong’s decision to include same-sex partnerships in spousal visa applications

In July, Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal overturned a previous denial of a British lesbian’s spousal visa. Following a review of the policy, the director of immigration will now consider applications involving “a same-sex civil partnership, same-sex civil union, same-sex marriage, or opposite-sex civil partnership or opposite-sex civil union outside of Hong Kong” for dependent visas.

A government statement released alongside the policy change held that the change would “not affect any other policies of the government or other rights under the existing law in Hong Kong.” LGBT+ rights activists and opponents have nevertheless interpreted the policy change as a possible signal of change.

Legislative council member Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, who is openly LGBT+, called the policy a “victory for love” and held that “the government should not drag its feet in reviewing other social policies,” while Holden Chow Ho-ding, a legislator who oppposes LGBT+ marriage rights warned that “the government should be very careful that it should not seek to amend other policies.”

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