Leadership Lounge with Todd Sears: The Power of Purpose

Episode 3 of Leadership Lounge with Todd Sears featured Beth Brooke-Marciniak and Jeff Stier, Leader of EY’s Purpose Realized Performance Practice to explore the strategic challenges and opportunities facing organizations right now.

Jeff and his Purpose team spent a day with the Out Leadership team in February this year. It was an incredible experience. We were delighted he agreed to speak with us on this episode.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what we talked about and the full conversation transcript is below.

The Power of Purpose:

We were living in a disruptive and transformative world before the COVID-19 pandemic upended everything in our lives. In that pre-COVID world, humans were anxious about losing their jobs to digital disruption, trust in governments, politicians, corporations and the media had reached all-time lows. In response to this, people (younger generations especially) are actively seeking ways to live more meaningful lives. This trend will only accelerate post-COVID.

This means organizations are facing 3 choices as they develop a strategic future vision (credit to Jeff Stier for this synopsis).

  1. Continue doing what worked in the past.
  2. Make finite tactical changes that deliver short-term results
  3. Adopt a long-term, infinite way to think and operate including to infuse more meaning into their brand promise and how the brand promised is realized inside and out.

The science clearly tells us that people respond better when they are empowered rather than instructed. Jeff is going to tell us about the 3 pillars of meaning (Noble Vision + Inspiring Purpose + Actionable Values) and what this means for evolving our strategic vision.


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