Japanese corporations are increasingly becoming LGBT-friendly

Japanese companies are increasingly introducing LGBT-friendly policies in the domestic workplace, with large multinational corporations leading the way.  Bloomberg reports that when it comes to issues like same-sex partner recognition and LGBT nondiscrimination, the private sector is picking up slack where progress has stalled in the national government.

Nomura, for example, has demonstrated its commitment to LGBT inclusion by instituting training schemes for all employees that stress the importance of nondiscrimination.  The company was one of the first in Japan to include sexual orientation protections in the human rights clauses of its code of conduct.  Sony and Panasonic have started offering employees in same-sex partnerships family benefits.

Japan is quite conservative when it comes to issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.  Many LGBT people are reluctant to publicly come out, and only about 25 couples have registered their same-sex partnerships since two wards in Tokyo began offering them this past autumn.

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