Japanese companies take steps to create a more accepting work environment for transgender people

Companies in Japan are changing the way they approach transgender inclusion in the workplace, earning favor from their employees and customers. Companies such as major taxi service Hinomaru Kotsu Co. have started to ask their transgender employees directly what their workplace needs are, rather than simply (and potentially incorrectly) anticipating requests. Companies report that clearer lines of communication are allowing them to become more inclusive.

Kazutaka Tomika, President and CEO of Hinomaru Co., expressed his desire to prioritize LGBT+ inclusion in his company after years of failing to create a welcoming environment to the Mainichi Shimbun, saying, “Everyone immediately goes to only physical things like uniforms and restrooms first, but I noticed that the most important thing is to first start a conversation with the individual and show that you will take a stance toward meeting their needs,”.

In order to make this a reality, Tomita adds that strong intentions and efforts by those at the top of the company, as well as showing further confidence in hiring diverse individuals is essential.

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