Jamaica’s former Minister of Labour criticizes Prime Minister’s stated intent to repeal the country’s “buggery” law

Jamaican opposition MP Pearnel Charles, who formerly served as Minister of Labour and Social Security, spoke out strongly against LGBT rights and same-sex marriage on Sunday.  Speaking at a rally of the right-leaning Jamaican Labour Party, of which he is a member, Charles stated that Jamaica would not tolerate men marrying men.

The Jamaica Gleaner reports that, in reference to same-sex marriage, Charles declared, “This will never happen here, not as long as I am alive.”  Former MP Ernest Smith, also speaking at the rally, also warned of Jamaica being turned into “Sodom and Gomorrah territory.”

Charles criticized Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for her 2011 campaign promise to hold a vote on the repeal of a colonial-era statute which bans “buggery.”  Although Simpson Miller’s centre-left People’s National Party won the election and has been in power since January 2012, a vote on the measure has not yet been held.


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