Introducing OL-iQ, the first LGBTQ+ business diagnostic tool

Out Leadership’s OL-iQ is the first business diagnostic tool designed to provide hard data and actionable insights for companies seeking to move the needle on diversity and inclusion.  The tool provides global, private, business-focused outputs, and was developed in response to requests from Fortune 500 global business leaders. OL-iQ aims to help business leaders improve decision making around LGBT+ inclusion, and ultimately drive economic results through improved performance.

At present, companies seeking to improve difficult-to-quantify measures of LGBT+ inclusion have limited data to help create tangible results. OL-iQ offers a roadmap for change, by providing private, high-quality data and quantitative benchmarks that allow companies to determine where they stand in their sector, and where specific efforts should be focused to drive bottom line results.

The tool is available for companies of any size to take at no cost. It can be accessed at

“LGBT+ inclusion is a demonstrated market differentiator, and when it comes to strategies proven to drive better business results, companies searching for competitive edge can’t leave any stone unturned,” said Todd Sears, Founder and CEO of Out Leadership. “But inclusion is a lived experience – and companies with the right policies can still fall short, and leave value on the table, by failing to create effectively inclusive cultures. Companies need to understand LGBT+ inclusion quantitatively – so they know how to focus their efforts to create maximal business impact.”

As more millennial workers join the workforce, it is increasingly critical that companies both understand and improve their LGBT+ inclusion performance.

  • 83% of Millennials are actively engaged when their organization fosters an inclusive culture; just 60% are actively engaged if their organization does not.
  • 20% of Millennials now identify as LGBT+.
  • Globally, 64% of LGBT+ professionals are not out to their coworkers, and 46% are not out in the United States.

“OL-iQ gives a private snapshot of a company’s LGBT+ inclusion performance, including quantitative data and specific actions to leverage opportunity,” says Stephanie Sandberg, Managing Director for Out Leadership. “For the first time ever, industry can establish benchmarks, measure growth and drive impact around this elusive metric.”

Out Leadership spent more than a year developing OL-iQ with its strategic partner Mathematica Policy Research, including conducting real world performance tests with Bloomberg, RBC Capital Markets, and EY.

“We pride ourselves on incorporating LGBT+ inclusion into everything we do, because we know it drives better business results and employee performance,” said Samantha Santos, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Americas, Bloomberg L.P.  “OL-iQ is the first dynamic tool that validates how and where we can enhance programs.”

“We found OL-iQ to be highly useful in helping us identify specific, data-driven, actionable opportunities to improve our performance around LGBT+ inclusion,” said Jeff Formanek, Director, Structured Rates, RBC Capital Markets. “We recommend it!”

“Efforts to be more inclusive can be tricky to quantify,” said Chris Crespo, Inclusiveness Director, EY. “Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand what is needed to further shift the needle in a way that will create positive business results. OL-iQ helped us understand how we’re doing with much more granularity – and will help us optimize our performance as we continue to focus on building a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

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