Indonesian religious leader calls for boycott of Starbucks

The leader of Indonesia’s second largest Muslim organization, Muhammadiyah, is calling for faithful Indonesians to boycott American coffee chain Starbucks due to its stand on LGBT+ rights. Anwar Abbas told Reuters, “If Starbucks only does business, then fine. But don’t bring ideology here … We as a nation clearly do not want our attitudes and character as a religious and cultured nation broken and messed up by their presence.”

With the exception of the conservative Aceh province, homosexuality is legal in Indonesia, but there has been a marked increase in raids on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities of late.

PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, which holds the license to run the Starbucks chain, is a legal entity that “always obeys the prevailing regulations and appreciates the cultural values in Indonesia”, an executive at its parent company said. There are currently over 200 Starbucks outlets in Indonesia.