In Texas, “bathroom bill” SB6 clears first legislative hurdle despite objections from hundreds who testified against it

Texas State Senate Bill 6, which would make it illegal for transgender Texans to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity in public schools and government buildings, and countermand city ordinances that specifically allow transgender people access to the bathroom consonant with their gender identity, was approved by an 8-1 vote in the early morning of March 8.

SB6 will be taken up for debate by the full State Senate next week, though observers expect it to have a tougher time in the state House.

Nearly 300 Texans waited for many hours to testify on the bill, the Dallas Morning News reports. Most of those who testified to the Senate State Affairs Committee argued against the bill, including Pamela Curry, a transgender activist and Sunday school teacher from Dallas.

“I’ve used literally thousands of public restrooms. I, like every other transgender person, just need to relieve ourselves like everyone else,” Curry told the Senate State Affairs Committee. “Forcing us into a restroom we do not feel comfortable in places us at extreme risk of physical harm.”

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