ILGA releases more results from the largest-ever global survey on attitudes toward LGBT+ people

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, ILGA, partnered with RIWI, a Canadian technology company, and Logo to produce The Personal and the Political: Attitudes to LGBTI People around the World. Over 96,000 respondents from 65 countries, including LGBT+ hostile environments such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, participated.

The survey finds that globally, 67% of respondents agree that human rights should be applied to everyone regardless of if they are part of the LGBT+ community – an attitude affirmed by more than 50% of respondents in every country surveyed. Study co-author Aengus Carroll notes “countries’ legal policy and international practice can be very contradictory when compared to attitudes declared by their citizens.”

ILGA hopes the study will serve as evidence-based, non-anecdotal data to inform advocates for the advancement of LGBT+ rights.

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