HSBC unveils Pride and Unity Lions for “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity Campaign”

To kick off Hong Kong’s Pride month, HSBC hosted the Out Leadership: Asia Summit 2016. The week of the Summit, the firm revealed an #HSBCPride tramshelter and an LGBT+ lightshow for their iconic Norman Foster-designed HQ. And this week, to commemorate Pride weekend, the firm has draped the iconic lions at the entrance of its building, named Stephen and Stitt, in rainbow colors.

“Throughout the history of HSBC, Stephen and Stitt have stood for courage and prosperity. This year, they also stand for pride and unity,” HSBC said in a press release.

HSBC collaborated with Michael Lam, a renowned local artist from the LGBT+ community, who was inspired to create the artwork by the concepts of pride and unity.

“HSBC is proud to support diversity and inclusion,” said Diana Cesar, Group General Manager and Chief Executive, Hong Kong. “We have made material progress towards achieving a truly open and diverse working environment, and are deeply committed to supporting equality for everyone.”

Kevin Martin, Group General Manager and Regional Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Asia-Pacific, added: “This campaign demonstrates our commitment to achieving a truly open and diverse working environment, and I am confident it will continue driving the conversation beyond our own walls to our clients, peers and wider community.”

“From 15 November, the HSBC Main Building lightshow is also featuring messages of pride and unity as well as the names of HSBC’s LGBT community and its allies to form a visual spectacle,” Martin continued.

For more coverage, visit HSBC’s Facebook page and search the hashtag #HSBCPride.