Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunity Commission ordered to pay anti-gay employee

Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission, chaired by Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, who has spoken at past Out Leadership Summits in Asia, has been ordered by a Hong Kong tribunal to pay HK$867,000, or approximately $113,000 US, to former employee Josiah Chok Kin-ming, who secretly campaigned among churchgoers to lobby against gay rights while he was in charge of the Commission’s review of anti-discrimination laws.

Apple Daily reported that Chok asked attendees of a discussion forum held at the Tsung Tsin Mission to send a petition to the EOC to counter gay rights activists’ efforts.

Hong Kong’s Labour Tribunal found that the EOC’s decision, in light of Chok’s actions, to refuse to renew his contract and withhold his bonus was unlawful, arguing that his job performance was not material to question of whether or not he should receive the bonus.

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