Glassdoor survey: majority of LGBT+ people experience workplace discrimination

A new survey from Glassdoor found that over half of LGBT+ respondents experienced workplace discrimination at some point in their careers.

According to the study, more than half of LGBT+ workers report experiencing or witnessing verbal discrimination in the workplace, while another 47 percent say they fear coming out publicly could be detrimental to their careers. In a domestic context where many states do not guarantee workplace protections for LGBT+ people, another 68 percent of respondents say their respective employers could do more to support queer and trans workers.

“Many employers have an opportunity to build or strengthen the foundation for an inclusive culture that encourages employees to bring their full selves to work,” said Jesus Suarez, Glassdoor’s LGBTQ and Ally Employee Group Leader, who thinks the survey should be a “wake-up call” for American workplaces.

LGBT+ workers are still exempt from workplace protections in many states, and it’s still legally unclear whether Title VII or the Civil Rights Acts include LGBT+ people in their protections.


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