GLAAD and Alphabet’s Jigsaw announce partnership at SXSW

GLAAD will partner with a division of Google’s parent company in an attempt to change the way artificial intelligence understands content related to LGBT+ people and other marginalized communities.

The organizations announced the partnership in a panel discussion at the arts and technology conference SXSW titled The War Against Bias.

Content dealing with LGBT+ experiences often attracts abusive commentary, including language patterns such as “toxicity,” or comments with a high likelihood of making a participant leave a conversation. As a result, such content can be flagged as inappropriate for broad audiences by algorithmic systems including YouTube’s.

“Our mission is help communities have great conversations at scale. We can’t be content to let computers adopt negative biases from the abuse and harassment targeted groups face online. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with GLAAD and others in creating public research resources which can help improve the models we make and advance the field of bias-mitigation research through an open and collaborative process,” said Cj Adams, Jigsaw Product Manager.

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