Georgia seeks to profit off of North Carolina and Mississippi’s tarnished reputations

The State of Georgia is touting its relatively progressive laws on LGBT rights and aggressively pursuing economic development opportunities in wake of the passage of anti-LGBT, so-called “religious liberty” laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.  With the support of major businesses, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal last week vetoed similar legislation that had been passed by the General Assembly.

Last weekend the state hosted “The Red Carpet Tour,” a four day events with over 20 top economic development prospects. The timing of the event was opportune as, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “”North Carolina is one of the Peach State’s top rivals for corporate headquarters and other coveted job deals.”  

Currently, Georgia is believed to be courting PayPal, which last week cancelled a multi-million dollar expansion in North Carolina that would have created over 400 jobs.  A number of convention organizers have already cancelled plans to hold events in North Carolina, providing further opportunities for Georgia to publicize Gov. Deal’s veto and differentiate the state from its Southern rivals.

Read more coverage in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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