Generations of Drag

Out Leadership’s Founder & CEO, Todd Sears spoke with Hedda Lettuce, Brita Filter and Honey Davenport on their rise into drag, how they use drag in activism, and steps we should all be taking as active allies!

  • Inspiring the Next Generation

Hedda, Brita and Honey reflected on their drag careers and discussed how drag is changing. With shows like, RuPauls Drag Race helping bring drag into the mainstream as well as the accessibility of the internet, learning and becoming a part of the drag community now is easier than it used to be. They also feel proud knowing that their drag is their armor, if they can be strong, they might just be the inspiration that a young child living in a homophobic environment needed to keep pushing to find and accept themeselves.  

  • Sparking a Conversation

Honey said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Hedda, Brita and Honey explained that yes, drag is fun but it is also a place where they can be activists in the fight against homophobia and racism. With a platform as large as theirs, they feel it is their responsibility to ask the difficult questions and spark the conversation.

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#ProudlyResilient by Out Leadership – Generation of Drag * * * “When you are being trolled, beaten, and torn apart by racist and sexist fans of a reality show who send you death threats… My mother taught me when I was really young, to change my frustration into creation… That’s what I’ve always done; changed all of the hurt and pain I’ve felt into art. It’s been my sanity, way of communicating, form of activism, way to create change – my everything. That’s how I maintain: I keep creating the world I want to see by expressing the feelings I have currently.” – @honeydavenportofficial: Drag Queen, Artist/Activist & @rupaulsdragrace season 11 contestant * * * • @thebritafilter: Drag Queen, 2018 NYC Entertainer of the Year & Ru Paul’s #DragRace season 12 contestant • @heddalettucenyc: Drag Queen, Comedian & Singer This event spotlighted non-profit: @lgbtcenternyc, fostering a welcoming environment where everyone is celebrated for who they are. #DragQueens #HoneyDavenport #BritaFilter #HeddaLettuce #LGBTCenterNYC #RPDR #OutLeadership

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  • Drag Is A Platform Where Queens Can Express Themselves In A Multitude of Ways.

As all three queens would agree that their persona in drag is an integral part of who they are, they would also agree that drag is a platform where they can fully express themselves and their art. Honey is a singer and performer, Brita meshes drag and theater, and Hedda is a standup comedian. 

  • Turning Negatives Into Positives

As Hedda, Brita and Honey know all too well, the scrutiny and backlash that the drag community can face is astronomical. A large part of their success as queens and in being LGBTQ is knowing how to turn negatives into positives. Be using drag as their platform they were able to change the homophobic narrative that was layed out before them by turning it into their strength and voice to inspire and provoke positive change. 

  • Forgive Yourself, Be Kind, Vote And Don’t Be Silent

The final comments from Hedda, Brita and Honey were simple. Make sure to always forgive yourself, be kind to each other, VOTE VOTE VOTE and use your own voice and platform to be an ally, evoke change and make the world a better place. 

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