Gay flight attendants seek to opt out of Air France flights to Iran

Gay flight attendants with Air France have started a petition asking that they be allowed to opt out of flights destined for Iran. This weekend the airline will re-open its Paris-Tehran route after an eight year hiatus brought on by international sanctions.

Last week the carrier said it would allow women flight attendants to opt out of the flight after releasing guidelines mandating that female cabin crew “wear a headscarf and a wide and long garment to conceal their forms” upon arrival in Tehran.  The gay employees’ petition states that it is “inconceivable” that they be forced to fly to a country where LGB people can be “killed for who they are.”

In a statement to FRANCE 24, Air France wrote that the carrier already flies to countries where homosexuality it illegal and LGBT cabin crew haven’t voiced opposition.  The punishment for being gay in Iran ranges from 76 lashes to the death penalty.

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