“Gay conversion therapy” to be banned in the UK

The UK government plans to ban “conversion therapy,” after a survey of the LGBT+ community revealed 2% have undergone these practices and 5% had been offered them.

Equalities minister Penny Mordaunt told the BBC: “This is very extreme so-called therapy that is there to try and ‘cure’ someone from being gay – of course you can’t cure someone from being gay. In its most extreme form it can involve corrective rape.” She said the government is currently investigating the best way to implement a ban on the harmful practice.

The UK government has drafted a 75 point plan to improve the lives of LGBT+ people, including plans to introduce a national LGBT+ health adviser, tackle discrimination, improve hate crime responses, and improve diversity in education institutions.

The survey of 108,000 LGBT+ citizens also revealed that more than two thirds of respondents avoid holding hands in public for fear of negative reactions.

Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her support for Britain’s LGBT+ community, saying “I was struck by just how many respondents said they cannot be open about their sexual orientation or avoid holding hands with their partner in public for fear of a negative reaction”. She later added, “No one should ever have to hide who they are or who they love”.

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