Everything you need to know about the new OutNEXT curriculum

In 2008 Out Leadership started OutNEXT, the first ever global talent development program for emerging LGBTQ+ leaders.  Since then OutNEXT has convened young LGBTQ+ leaders annually in 10 cities around the world. To date OutNEXT has graduated more than 2,000 alumni in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

OutNEXT is unique, it’s an invitation-only talent development program that is open to employees of our 80+ member firms. Our member firms nominate up to three LGBTQ+ leaders to participate in the program each year.

The first curriculum was developed with McKinsey in 2008 and then expanded in 2012 in partnership with Out Leadership member firm PwC.

Over the past two years we have collected feedback, researched best practices, and developed a new enhanced curriculum. The new OutNEXT curriculum has been developed in collaboration with senior leadership development professionals from Out Leadership member firms and other leaders in the LGBTQ+ community. The program is delivered in six modules and has been designed for both in-person and virtual learning. In June and July this year our team held a series of events piloting the first two modules. The feedback gleaned from these sessions has been incorporated into the full curriculum.

Module 1: Understanding our resiliency as LGBTQ+ leaders

  • The intersectionality of our identity as LGBTQ+ leaders have built us into professionals ready to lead. By unpacking our own journey, we can learn the power of authenticity and vulnerability in building connections leading to a robust career.

Module 2: “OUTvantage” Understanding the power of your story to sell your brand

  • Developing your personal brand is not a new topic but knowing how to leverage our LGBTQ+ network as part of a brand story is central to creating and using your story.

Module 3: Using your intersections as our superpower

  • Our own life experiences build empathy and understanding. When we unpack our own identity, we know how complex and dynamic our teams’ individual identities can be. When we acknowledge our blind spots, we become better leaders and coworkers.

Module 4: Re-imagining networking

  • Leveraging your network, mentors and sponsors and the LGBT+ Network for yourself and your company
  • Guest lectures from leaders who discuss the ways in which the LGBTQ+ network is unique and can be leveraged for personal and organizational success. During the virtual sessions this will focus on networking in a virtual world

Module 5: Not your average Meyers Briggs

  • When you know yourself you lead with confidence
  • Leaders will work to unpack the relational dynamics that this personality test can support in self-understanding and dynamic team leadership.

Module 6: Being a professional and an activist – who said we have to choose?

  • Balancing our dedication to our professional life and understanding our passions outside of work.
  • Participants will hear from individuals who have successfully bridged that gap in different ways and discuss in groups how they hope to build this balance into their own life and career.

We are so excited to bring the full curriculum to our next cohort of “OutNEXTERS” during our Virtual OutNext Summit this August!


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