Employers take proactive measures to protect LGBT+ rights at work

Many employers across the country have proactively taken steps to make their workplaces friendly for LGBT+ employees, despite not being required to do so by law in various localities, Ashley Eley Cannady argues in Bloomberg Law.

She writes, “having a LGBT friendly workplace also helps attract and retain talent and access potential employees which they would not have previously identified absent their employment of a LGBT employee who touts the employer’s policies. The majority of Fortune 500 companies have enacted some variation of policies and practices that prohibit discrimination against sexual orientation and/or gender identity regardless of their locale.

The range of possibilities is quite broad and many can be implemented at no cost to the employer. One of the first and easiest steps toward achieving this goal that an employer can take is to establish a written policy prohibiting discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. This can be accomplished through a broader diversity and inclusion effort or by amending existing non-discrimination policies. Responsibility for the execution of these policies can be placed with the human resources or diversity and inclusion department.”