David Mixner on Race, LGBTQ+ Equality, and Saving Democracy

Leading Through Our History with Activist, David Mixner.

  • Good comes out of protest

Mixner spoke to all of the positive changes that movements such as this one have done for America, refusing to label any of the protests as “riots.” He hopes that this will lead to meaningful change in the same way that much of the social movements he was at the forefront of have led to tangible change.

  • Our democracy needs saving–the best way to do that is to vote

Mixner points to the failings of our current governance in forgetting to govern with wisdom and strength. He stresses that change relies on effective governance, and that voting for candidates who will ensure this change is critical.

  • Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer, gay rights activist and ACTUP founder, died earlier this month. Mixner pointed to all the good that Kramer did for the community and how important that his legacy continues to be remembered and honored.

  • It is essential that LGBTQ+ people know their history because that is what makes the community special

Mixner points out that knowing the history of LGBTQ+ people and the powerful legacy creates the sense of community and specialness. Without history, there can be no fully formed sense of community or identity. 

  • The fight is not over

“We must believe, not for ourselves but for future generations and those that don’t have a voice, that we can create change and we must articulate that vision, and we must articulate that determination to be free and we must never negotiate our freedom to make someone else feel uncomfortable”

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