Coronavirus: Uninterrupted

As countries around the world continue to grapple with the Coronavirus Pandemic we wanted to tell you that our work towards LGBT+ equality will continue even if we are unable to meet in person for a time at one of our events.

Coronavirus Planning:
Similar to what internal teams at our member firms are doing, we are assembling contingency plans for a variety of different scenarios. In case you missed it, Harvard Business Review published a useful and interesting article on how to Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis that is well worth a read.

Coronavirus PSA:
We have all been bombarded with lots of expert advice about the spread of this disease. We wanted to share this article (that was adapted from a viral Facebook post) written by a social epidemiologist who studies social contact of humans, and spatial patterns of infectious disease. Hat tip to Fabrice for sharing this with us.
The key takeaways are: Wash your hands often and don’t pick your nose or put your fingers anywhere near your mouth, lips or eyes. If you’re thinking that this particular advice doesn’t apply to you, please read the next sentence. An observational study found that people sitting at a desk working touched their eyes, nose, or lips between 3 and 50 times per hour.

Coronavirus, Uninterrupted:
We are actively monitoring this fast-evolving situation to determine which events need to be postponed or canceled. If it proves necessary to cancel any events, we are already at work to deliver as much of our event programming as possible online.

Even though there is nothing like meeting in person, we believe that after 10 years of working together towards LGBT+ equality, a global health pandemic should not prevent us from continuing this work.

Here at Out Leadership we will adapt and evolve to ensure we continue moving forward. With that in mind, we wanted to share that we are continuing our work to support your firms in this challenging environment by launching new research reports, continuing our advocacy initiatives, expanding our talent programs and delivering thought leadership content across our communication channels.

We are leading a coalition of companies and partners including Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Lambda Legal, Out & Equal, and Freedom for All Americans to develop our messaging ahead of the imminent decision by the Supreme Court on LGBT discrimination in the workplace. You can read more detail about these cases and their potential implications in more detail here. We will be sending out a more detailed update about this in the coming days as well as details for a briefing call that we will hold next week for our member firms.

Earlier this month we released the final 15 State CEO Briefs for the US. You can view the full report here. Business leaders in all 50 US States can now utilize these to understand and respond to the operational and reputational risks they face when they do business in U.S. States where the legal and/or social environment makes it difficult for LGBT+ people to live openly.

At the end of 2019, in partnership with member firm FCB Global, we conducted a large and groundbreaking study in attitudes towards LGBT+ people and allyship in the workplace. Elements of this research were included in the State CEO Business Briefs and the first report on this research will be published in early May. 

If there are any specific ways any of you feel we can help, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help. 

Friends, stay safe and continue to lead by example.