Companies aim to attract Millennials through LGBT-inclusive actions

In an effort to attract young, educated, and talented employees, companies outside of the major coastal cities are beginning to make their workplaces more open and inclusive for everyone, including LGBT people.

High living costs are increasingly driving skilled Millennials out of cities like New York and San Francisco.  And when those workers arrive in the Midwest and South they want to continue to be part of a diverse workforce, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to Larry Lyons, the SVP for Human Resources at Minnesota-based Hormel Foods. This fact is what has driven Hormel to transform from a laggard in LGBT-inclusion to an industry leader.

Eaton, a major auto parts manufacturer headquartered in Ohio, has also undergone a transformation when it comes to diversity and inclusion.  After a gay employee brought a number of concerns to Cathy Medeiros, the company’s newly-hired VP for Diversity and Inclusion, she began working to expand benefit programs and company policies to address the needs of LGBT employees and simultaneously attract younger talent.

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