CNN/ORC poll: majority of Americans oppose bathroom bills

A majority of people in the United States oppose legislation that unfairly denies trans people access to facilities that match their gender identity, and an even larger majority support legislation that would ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity, according to a poll from CNN/ORC.

According to the poll, 57% of respondents oppose legislation similar to the so-called “bathroom bill” that was passed earlier this year in North Carolina, and only 38% support such laws.  Bathroom bills are not even supported by a majority of Republicans, with respondents split 48-48.  The poll also found that 75% of people support laws that would give nondiscrimination protections to trans people in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.

The poll was conducted before the State of North Carolina sued the federal government after being informed by the Justice Department that HB 2 could jeopardize billions of dollars in federal funds distributed to the state.  The Departments of Education and Justice have subsequently warned school districts nationwide that denying trans students access to appropriate bathrooms violates Title IX. Meanwhile, Target CEO Brian Cornell yesterday told reporters on CNBC that the company had done the right thing in last month’s announcement that trans people could use the restrooms and changing rooms in which they felt most comfortable, despite backlash from some conservative religious organizations.

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