Closeted LGBT+ civil servants in Hong Kong express concern over benefits case

Last week, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal overturned a landmark decision, ruling that employees of the city’s civil service who are in same-sex marriages are not entitled to the same benefits as their heterosexual colleagues. The South China Morning Post anonymously interviewed four closeted LGBT+ government employees to gauge their reaction.

All of the employees interviewed by the Post were extremely disheartened by the Hong Kong government, for as one of them put it, “actively siding against any form of equal rights or protection for LGBT communities.”

“Even if the government was not supportive, I would expect it to at least take a neutral stance,” said John – not his real name – who works in the Planning Department.

Although only one of the employees interviewed was married, all four fear the ruling could affect them in the future.

Jasper, also an alias, has been a teacher at a government school for more than a year. “Honestly the government always claims it is an equal opportunity employer, but such a move to discriminate against those of sexual minority is a regression of basic human rights,” he said.

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